About us

Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs seeks to improve the conditions for business in Denmark. The Ministry conducts thorough economic analyses and suggests policy initiatives in areas imperative to economic growth.

The Ministry is responsible for a number of policy areas which are important for the general business environment, including business regulation, Intellectual Property Rights, competition and consumer policy, the financial sector and shipping.

The Ministry is engaged with various international organizations enhancing international framework conditions for growth. In the European Union, the Ministry participates in the work of the councils for Competitiveness and Maritime Transport. 

The Ministry comprises 7 agencies. 

Mission and vision

The main mission of the Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs to create future-oriented conditions for growth for citizens and companies in an increasingly globalized world. Our vision is to achieve the best conditions for growth in Europe in order to make Denmark an attractive place to live, work and run a company.


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