Ole Sohn: Less red tape for the shipping industry and better access to public data in the EU

On 7-8 June 2012 the Danish Minister for Business and Growth, Ole Sohn, brought the shipping industry’s administrative burdens in the EU into focus.
Friday, June 8, 2012

In a Council meeting chaired by the Danish Minister for Business and Growth, Ole Sohn, on 7 June the EU ministers responsible for maritime affairs did discuss how to reduce the administrative burdens for European shipping companies through the so-called Blue Belt project. The Blue Belt project will make the clearance procedure easier for the vessels sailing between ports in the EU by reusing data from the surveillance already taking place in EU waters. Additionally, the ministers discussed the EU implementation of the international convention about seafarers’ working conditions.

Danish Minister of Business and Growth, Ole Sohn

I am very satisfied that the meeting showed broad support from the ministers to initiate the next step towards making the Blue Belt project a permanent scheme. The Blue Belt project shows how we can reduce the administrative burdens in an intelligent way - namely by reusing public data collected for other purposes.

On 8 June, the second day of the Council meeting, the main focus was how EU’s digital agenda and the Digital Single Market can contribute to strengthening growth and employment within the EU. Specifically, it was discussed how to improve European businesses’ access to public data.

Danish Minister for Business and Growth, Ole Sohn:

The Digital Single Market has been a priority throughout the Danish EU Presidency. Today, we have among other discussed access to reusing public data. Herein lies an economic potential on up to 140 billion euro yearly across the EU. The opportunity to reuse public data gives the European businesses a large number of new unique opportunities to develop innovative and creative services, thereby supporting European growth.