Danish company wins prestigious European patent award

The European patent prize has today been awarded to inventors from Danish Widex at the European Inventor Award 2012 in the Danish Playhouse in Copenhagen. The prize is awarded for Widex' revolutionary computer technology to design hearing aids. The prestigious prize emphasizes Danish companies’ innovation capacity, says Danish Minister for Business and Growth, Ole Sohn.
Thursday, June 14, 2012

For the second year in a row a Danish company wins a prestigious European patent prize at the European Inventor Award, known as the Oscar of the patent world. Four times Danish companies have been nominated in the seven years the prize has been awarded. This year the three inventors Jan Tøpholm, Søren Westermann and Svend Andersen Vitting from Widex have won the prize in the important Industry category that German Audi among others previously has won.

Minister for Business and Growth, Ole Sohn:

Congratulations to Widex with the prestigious award. The prize really emphasizes Danish companies' innovation capacity and their ability to use the patent system offensively in order to create growth and jobs in the global competition.
It is my hope that this prize inspires even more Danish companies to venture out onto the international scene. This will strengthen Danish competitiveness and create more jobs in Denmark.
Hopefully Danish innovation will gain even more recognition in the future when it becomes easier to obtain a patent in Europe. Denmark is working to ensure companies a cheaper and more efficient system through establishing a European unitary patent protection system including a unified patent court before the end of the Danish EU Presidency.

This year the award ceremony for the first time took place in Denmark in the Danish Playhouse in Copenhagen, and the Danish Minister for Business and Growth, Ole Sohn, gave a welcome speech to the several hundred in attendance - including the Danish Royal Family, inventors, business managers and journalists.

The European Patent Prize is awarded by the European Patent Office (EPO) to honor the most impressive inventions in Europe and the world. The award ceremony was held in cooperation with the Commission and the Danish EU Presidency.

Last year Jens Dall Bentzen from Dall Energy Ltd. won in the category for small and medium sized companies, and previously inventors from Novo Nordisk and the it company Cryptomatic have been nominated.

Download the ministers speech