Danish Maritime Days will place the Blue Denmark on the world map

Today, the Danish Minister of Business and Growth met with the maritime industry organisations, professional organisations as well as the Growth Team for the Blue Denmark where the Minister presented the results of the first year's work on the Plan for Growth.
Friday, November 15, 2013

At the meeting, the Minister announced that the Blue Denmark needs to be better promoted and thus a display window for Danish maritime strengths is created. 

The initiative is named Danish Maritime Days and will consist of a number of maritime events which are to show what the Blue Denmark stands for.

An important element will be the Danish Maritime Forum with an ambition of becoming a global summit held in Denmark and intended to bring together maritime decision-makers from all over the world.

Danish Maritime Days has been widely supported by Danish maritime decision-makers and is an important element of the follow-up on the Plan for Growth in the Blue Denmark. Danish Maritime Days has been developed in co-operation between the Ministry of Business and Growth, the Danish Shipowners' Association and Danish Maritime and will be carried out in close co-operation with the Blue Denmark in its entirety.

In 2014, Danish Maritime Days will be held in week 41.